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“Are you considering adopting a child under four years old? Here at Devon Adoption, we offer a scheme in called Fostering to Adopt, to protect these children from experiencing multiple moves within the care system. Continue reading

“We need people to become foster to adopt carers, especially in North Devon, we have eight children right now.

“And, as always, we desperately need people to adopt siblings and older children.  Throughout November we have 14 children over the age of four who are waiting to be adopted in Devon right now. This includes pairs of siblings; they all have a wide range of needs.

“We’re part of Adopt South West – a partnership of councils and charities working together to make the adoption process quicker and simpler.

“Your ability to care is what matters most. We are always looking for people who can adopt the children waiting for a permanent home and a forever family. Could it be yours?”

Rachel Gillott, Devon’s Senior Manager Adoption and Fostering – November 2015

If you can provide a loving, permanent and secure home for a child, we want to hear from you. Meet us for a coffee and find out more at one of our monthly events, where you can talk to adopters. Check out our information sessions.

Adopting a child can be hard work and very challenging, it is a lifelong commitment and your new child will become part of your forever family. You will need an open mind and plenty of patience. It’s a big decision for any family to take, but the rewards are immeasurable for everyone. Make the difference and begin your adventure.

We hope that the information on this website will inspire and encourage you to take the first steps to completing your family through Devon Adoption.


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‘Are you considering adopting a child under four years old? There is a scheme in Devon called Fostering to Adopt which results in less moves for children. Continue reading

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