How does Devon compare?

The First4Adoption interactive map shows the number of children waiting to be placed within each local authority adoption agency in England. The Devon adoption scorecard data can be accessed through a drop-down box on the spreadsheet downloaded from the Department for Education (DfE) website  (select the LA scorecards tab on the spreadsheet and then select Devon from the ‘choose local authority’ drop-down box).

Devon Adoption offers a full range of adoption services which covers the county of Devon. We recruit and assess adopters and are able to provide adopters with exceptional training and support before approval and post approval.

We have considerable adoption support services which are provided by Devon Adoption, education psychologists and have agreements with private providers to ensure a range of services which can meet the needs of the family.

We run information sessions every month and our assessments are completed within the expected timescales.

What does Ofsted say about Devon Adoption?