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Adopter voice project – have your say on adoption issues and help affect change

Posted on: 7 July 2016

Adopter Voice

Are you an adopter with strong ideas about how things could be improved for adopters and their children? Or do you simply wish your views could be heard?

Adopter voice is a Department for Education-funded project run by Adoption UK and Yona’s mission, as the new Adopter Champion for Devon, is to get your voices heard.

From the Adoption UK website:

“Every adoptive family in England will be able to directly challenge, support and input to the development of adoption services at local, regional and national levels so that they are adopter led.”

What needs to be better? What is so good it should be kept going and maybe even rolled out nation wide? What does our region in particular need?

Devon Adoption and Families For Children have already shown their commitment to hearing what we have to say. Representatives from both organisations attend regular forums with Devon adopters.

Adopter voice now wants to widen the field and invite all Devon adopters to contribute to online discussions in the Devon forum on the Adopter Voice  website:

Right now there are questions up there from Kath Drescher, operations manager for Devon Adoption – amongst other things, she want your blue sky ideas for innovative uses of the Adoption Support Fund.

You don’t have to be a member of Adoption UK to contribute and you can be completely anonymous.

Please join the discussion or start a topic of your own. Discussions will be collated into reports that are fed up to local and national Adoption Leadership Boards and the more voices we have, the more power we will have to effect change.

You can also email Yona Wiseman: or join the conversation through Twitter at: @AC_Devon