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16 January – Adoption Activity Days on Channel FourSeven

Posted on: 13 January 2014

Adoption Activity Days

Thursday 16 January – Channel FourSeven 10.00pm

Channel 4 showed  a documentary by Cutting Edge about adoption activity days from a national perspective last night and it is being repeated tonight on Channel FourSeven. You can also catch-up On Demand.

Finding Mum and Dad
A look behind the scenes of a bold new scheme designed to help ‘hard to place’ children find adoptive parents.

Connor and Daniel are brothers. For over twelve months, they’ve been in care, waiting to be adopted. But, as sibling boys, aged six and four, they are “hard to place”. With exclusive access, filmed over the course of a year, this Cutting Edge documentary goes behind the scenes of a bold new scheme, designed to give children like Connor and Daniel a last shot at finding new mummies and daddies.

Adoption Activity Days are parties where prospective adopters and children meet. Despite its controversy, some think that this radical way of family finding will put the chemistry into the matching process. We meet the families whose lives have been moulded by one encounter at the craft table and the couples who are charged with the task of ‘choosing’ their children.

Schedules are  subject to change.

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