Is adoption right for me?

What matters most is your ability to provide a permanent, caring and stable home which will meet the needs of a child.

About half the individuals and couples approved to adopt by Devon Adoption have already had the experience of caring for children by birth or adoption.

We have no fixed age limits for adopters and have approved as many people over 50 as we have approved people under 30.

The greater the diversity of people and families wanting to adopt, the better our chances are of finding a family to suit each child’s needs. We welcome applicants from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Single people, married couples, cohabiting couples and same-sex couples can all adopt. Your sexuality is not an issue. We have several gay adopters and we are always keen to hear from gay people looking to adopt.

Although we want to help individual adults and couples to achieve the family life they desire, our fundamental purpose is to meet the requirements of children currently in need of adoption in Devon and the south west region. Although there are younger children waiting to be adopted in Devon, very few of the children placed for adoption nowadays are babies.  Read more about our children in care.

Could you foster a baby or toddler with the possibility of adoption, through our Foster to Adopt Scheme?