Meet the children

What adopters and children sayFind out what adopters and children say here:

Children are referred to Devon Adoption from local authorities all over the UK and some are referred by the national Adoption Register and South West Adoption Consortium (SWAC) – all the adoption agencies within the south west.

The children are normally aged 0-11. Some of them are featured in the family-finding websites and publications such as Adoption UK’s Children Who Wait, or AdoptionLink, or the Adoption Register.

Once you are approved as adopter

We will immediately look to see if there are any Devon children who may be suitable for you to consider. We will register you on the AdoptionLink and SWAC Link Book.

We will also refer you to the Adoption Register which is a national database that will aim to match prospective adopters with available children. Prospective adopters may choose to refer themselves to the Adoption Register, three months after approval, using the Adopter Self-Referral form (AD02).

Activity Days

Activity Day DevonWe also work closely with the Adopt South West agencies based in Devon, Torbay and Plymouth. We regularly share profiles of children and adopters, as well as arrange joint Family Finding, Activity Days and Exchange Events for prospective adopters. These events feature all the available children and you will have the chance to meet social workers and foster carers face-to-face.

Adoption Activity Days are events where adopters can meet a range of children waiting to be adopted in a prepared, supported, safe and fun environment. Adopters can attend before they are approved, as long as they are in Stage 2 of the assessment process, or have a confirmed panel date, and their social worker is confident they will be making a positive recommendation.

Along with the local agencies, we work with BAAF to hold several Adoption Activity Days per year. Each day is themed, full of lots of fun activities such as face painting, climbing, craft and soft play. The children’s foster carers and social workers attend the event with the children to support them and to talk to you.

In this short clip (below) Devon Adoption Operations Manager, Rachel Gillott, introduces our adoption activity days; dispells adoption myths; explains the fast-track process; and who the children are that are waiting to be adopted.


Are you an approved adopter or an adopter in stage 2 with a plan to attend panel?

Activity Day events in Devon are held in autumn and spring. If you are interested in attending an event or would like to know more you can contact us by calling 0345 155 1076 or email