What adopters and children say

“We wanted to adopt a baby…” Steve and Sarah’s Devon Adoption story

Thinking back, we went into adoption thinking we wanted a baby, but the turning point for us was seeing that the children who are considered ‘harder to place’ or ‘old for adoption’ are still very young. They are toddlers in pre-school or are only just at primary school – they are not ‘old’ Continue reading

Fostering to adopt – Clare and Andy ‘s Devon Adoption story

Overall, fostering to adopt our daughter has been a real roller coaster but the outcome is definitely worth it. I had shivers down my whole body when I met Evie and she couldn’t be more amazing. We have now completed our family. Continue reading

Fostering to adopt – Rachel and Ben’s Devon adoption story

When we were first approached about the foster to adopt programme, before being approved as adopters, we said no. As time went on, we began to think differently. We tried to put our own feelings aside and think of the benefits of foster to adopt from the child’s point of view, the consistency and stability of having just one home. Continue reading

Fostering to adopt – Louise and Neil’s Devon Adoption story

Louise and Neil from East Devon are adopting through Devon Adoption on the foster to adopt programme. They were nervous about fostering to adopt at first, but Devon Adoption supported them through the whole process. Continue reading

Believe in the children – Hannah and Mike’s Devon adoption story

You need to be positive as well as realistic. Believe in the children, the importance of family, laughter, and the shining light which is your child or children. Continue reading

Devon adopter, Martin, on BBC1 Spotlight

Devon adopter, Martin, and two Torbay adopters feature on BBC1 Spotlight to highlight National Adoption Week 2014. Continue reading

People like you adopt – Devon adopter, Martin, is proof…

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a job or be under 40 to adopt a child. Martin adds: “People might think, “How did a guy in a wheelchair get to adopt a child?” I am proof that anyone can adopt, and I believe that my attitude and my desire to have our own child are bigger than my disability.” Continue reading

Challenges and joy – Mary and Barry’s Devon adoption story

However happy we are as a family, it can’t be denied that the situation we are in has arisen because of painful things that happened in the past. Although adoption is wonderful, I don’t want people to think that it wraps everything up neatly with a big shiny bow and everyone forgets about the past. Continue reading

Our ready-made family – Belinda and Andrew’s Devon Adoption story

Making it real: “We have learnt a few life lessons between us. We were older and had done all our partying and going out. We met in our 40s and tried for years to conceive naturally. Now we’ve adopted two boys who are half-brothers.” Continue reading

‘Forever’ Dad – single male Devon Adopter’s story

I’m a single man, and adopting Alex has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life. It has also been by far the most challenging. Learning to manage Alex’s controlling behaviour; supporting him through regular toddler-like tantrums; helping him deal with the demands of school to be an 11-year-old boy Continue reading

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