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Charlotte’s experience

Posted on: 1 July 2014

Charlotte's experience

Charlotte had been the care of Devon County Council for two years and was originally placed with her sister but after this placement broke down it was decided that the girls would be better placed separately.

Charlotte was generally a happy little girl who needed a family able to set firm boundaries, but at the same time provide her with a loving and caring environment. There was a history of diabetes in her family. She had special educational needs and a learning disability with a global delay in development of approximately 18 months – possibly caused by lack of stimulation, neglect and exposure to domestic violence.  As a result, Charlotte needed a significant amount of input to be able to function at school and at home.

Charlotte had a good relationship with her foster carer which looked positive for her in terms of her ability to make future relationships. Contact with her birth parents and siblings was limited to twice a year.  She was a very insular child because of her learning difficulties and personality, and while she enjoyed being with her family when she was with them, did not ask for them when she wasn’t.

John and Sue, a couple in their late 40s with a birth son aged ten adopted Charlotte when she was six. Although there were some initial difficulties with aspects of her behaviour, they got to know each other and she settled down.

Now, Charlotte loves her new bedroom, and, for the first time, enjoys going to school because her new parents support her so well.