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Could you be a ‘foster to adopt’ carer?

Posted on: 8 November 2015

Foster to adopt

Could you foster a baby or child with the possibility of adoption?

‘Foster to adopt’ is used for babies and children who are in local authority care where the plan is likely to be adoption, but who still have a chance of being reunited with their birth family, although the majority of children do go on to be adopted.

Babies and children, who are likely to be adopted, can wait months in foster care sometimes moving from carer to carer.  Devon Adoption has introduced the Government-led ‘foster to adopt’ scheme to protect these children from experiencing multiple moves within the care system and provide them with good quality, uninterrupted and consistent care, while detailed assessments of their birth family are completed the Court decides on the plan for their permanent care.

People like you foster to adopt…

Rachel and Ben from Exeter are almost at the end of their foster to adopt journey, with their application to adopt 26 week old Chloe due to be decided on by the courts at the end of October. Read their story here.

Louise and Neil from East Devon are also adopting through Devon Adoption on the foster to adopt programme.  Read their story here.

Read our new factsheet, find out more on our web page.

Download document10. Foster to Adopt factsheet PDF download

To find out more about foster to adopt , call 0345 155 1076.