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Find Me a Family – Channel 4 series coming soon

Posted on: 4 June 2013

Find Me a Family on Channel 4

Follow three households of would-be adopters as they take part in a pioneering project that aims to find homes for the children who are harder to place.

See Find Me a Family episode guide. Schedule coming soon.

Edpisode one:

Cathy and Richard, both 34, are hoping to adopt a sibling for their daughter Rachel, who was conceived after fertility treatment. After five years of trying unsuccessfully for a second child, they’ve decided to adopt. They think they want a toddler, but have enrolled on a project designed to encourage them to consider adopting older children who – unlike the little cute toddlers – sometimes struggle to find homes.

David Akinsanya arranges for Cathy and Richard to spend some time with siblings to find out if they could cope as a family of five. They decide they could adopt more than one child after all, but their social worker has concerns about whether their daughter Rachel could cope with a new adopted child in the family. Eventually, the family are matched with a child with a possible disability. David sets out to help the couple decide whether or not they could cope with the needs of a disabled child.

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