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Fostering to adopt – Louise and Neil’s Devon Adoption story

Posted on: 8 October 2015

Foster to adopt

Louise and Neil from East Devon are adopting through Devon Adoption on the foster to adopt programme.  They were nervous about fostering to adopt at first, but Devon Adoption supported them through the whole process. Here’s their story…

“Last year we were approved to adopt but although we applied for matching with a few children it didn’t work out, so our social worker explained more about foster to adopt. She talked us through the whole process and was really supportive.

We felt a bit apprehensive at first because there is so much uncertainty and we were worried we would get too attached, and find it difficult if we couldn’t go on to adopt.

But we wanted to give a baby or child the best start in live they could have, even if it was just caring for them for a few months.

Foster to adopt is very good process and we are very lucky to now have such a lovely smiley little child as part of our family.

The benefits for the child in care are enormous. They get that bond and attachment to their new family quicker, and because they don’t move around they feel settled and, most importantly, loved.”


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