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Help! Is it too late to share my child’s life story?

Posted on: 4 October 2015

Life Story Books

Time passes by so quickly; it seems like only yesterday you were attending your adoption preparation group, getting the nursery ready for the new addition to your family or panicking about your little person’s first day at school.

You knew the benefits of life story books and had every intention of sharing your child’s story with them – at least you thought you did!

This book is all about youNow your toddler is fast approaching the teenage years, texting, talking back and trying on clothes that you really think they shouldn’t be allowed out in! Where did the time go? Is it too late to share their story?

The good news is that it’s never too late. The adoption process is life long and your child will spend a life time figuring it all out, with or without your help.

If your child knows the “basics” make this the time that you begin adding some of the details about their earlier history. You could start with…

“When you were younger, I felt that you needed to be older to learn some pieces of your story. Would you like to hear more?”

If you would like advice on creating or using a life story book the life story team run regular Drop in Sessions look out on the Devon Adoption Website and Facebook page for upcoming dates.