What adopters and children say

Joanne’s experience

Posted on: 23 June 2014

Joanne's experience

Joanne had been the care of Devon County Council for two years with the same foster carer and desperately wanted a permanent family, having suffered emotional harm and a chaotic lifestyle in her birth family.

One parent had serious mental health issues and the other parent continually let her down by not attending contact sessions or responding to her letters.

An intelligent, creative girl with a brilliant and mature sense of humour, she had little understanding of social boundaries. She found it hard to concentrate, talked incessantly, asking questions over and over again -therefore she needed clear, firm but accepting boundaries.

Although Joanne made friends easily, she was often rejected because of her poor social skills, so she got on better with adults, although she would try to control situations.

Joanne found a home where the child already in the family was much older. Her new adoptive family has spent lots of time and energy to help her come to terms with her losses, learn social skills and a genuine acceptance of who she is, along with some therapeutic help. Contact is indirect with the birth family and the court process is almost complete.