What adopters and children say

Martin’s experience

Posted on: 22 June 2013

Martin's experience

Martin, was placed from birth with foster carers who had adopted his older sibling. This gave Martin the opportunity to spend at least the early part of his childhood with the sibling and reduced the number of moves that, potentially, he might have experienced if the court were to decide that the best plan for him was adoption. His birth parents’ situation hadn’t changed from the situation that had led to the adoption of his older brother, so thorough parenting and family assessments were arranged by the court as part of the care proceedings.

Martin suffered from feeding difficulties which caused distress to him and to his birth mother in the contact meetings. The foster parents were able to help the birth mother with feeding Martin during these meetings, which could have been a very sensitive issue but, fortunately, the input was a positive experience for the birth mother and Martin and has helped build a good relationship between the adults for future contact arrangements.

A placement order was made when Martin was 13 months old and he and his adoptive family were able to benefit form the secure start that he had with them.

Case study from the Department for Education