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National Adoption Week 2015 is coming soon

Posted on: 19 September 2015

National Adoption Week

This year’s National Adoption Week is 19-25 October and the theme is ‘Too old at 4?’

Older children waiting to be adopted are often likely to be in sibling groups or to have additional needs and there is currently a shortage of adoptive parents coming forward for these children.

Sadly, sibling groups, those with complex needs and children from black and minority ethnic families are amongst the children who wait longest to be adopted. During National Adoption Week 2015 Devon Adoption, other local authorities, adoption agencies, and people who work in adoption, will be working together to highlight the plight of these vulnerable children and to help them find forever families.

Here in Devon, we also need people to become foster to adopt carers.

If you can provide a loving, permanent and secure home for a child, we want to hear from you. Meet us for a coffee and find out more at an information session. Make the difference and begin your adventure.

National Adoption Week 2015