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‘Please Can I Have a Mummy and Daddy?’ The Islam Channel (Sky 813)

Posted on: 17 February 2014

Adoption series on The Islam Channel

The Islam Channel (Sky 813) has recently launched its ground breaking adoption documentary series, entitled ‘Please Can I Have a Mummy and Daddy’, airing 9pm on Wednesdays and 7pm on Sundays for 6 weeks, starting on Wednesday 12 February 2014.

This six-part series aims to promote adoption within the Muslim community, highlighting the shortfall of Muslim adopters and the challenge this causes adoption agencies in trying to find families for them. The series challenges misconceptions Muslims have as to the permissibility of adoption in Islam and explores Muslims’ Islamic requirements around adoption. Four adoptive families are also featured and we explore their motivation and experiences in order to encourage other Muslim families to come forwards.

Asian and Muslim children wait the longest to be adopted and some are never even found a family. Adoption agencies are sometimes pleading for Muslim families to come forwards but many Muslims believe adoption is forbidden in Islam. But what, then, is the solution for Muslim children left in the care system? And is this a correct interpretation of what Islam says on adoption? This documentary series, by the Islam Channel, hopes to shed light onto this often sensitive subject. Consultation with Islamic scholars, social workers and experts in the field gives a picture of the reality on the ground and explores what the duty of the British Muslim community is to its own children.

This series has been greatly anticipated by Muslims who have had been inclined towards adoption but were unclear about its permissibility, and should be useful for adoption agencies throughout the UK as it is hoped that it will lead to an increase in the number of Muslim prospective adopters.


Programme schedule:

Episode 1: The need for adoption (part 1: Welcome to My World): 12/02

Episode 2: The need for adoption (part 2: Losing My Religion): 19/02

Episode 3: Adoption & Islam (part 1): 26/02

Episode 4: Adoption & Islam (part 2): 5/03

Episode 5: The adopters (part 1): 12/03

Episode 6: The adopters (part 2): 19/03

See schedule online.

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Adoption series on The Islam Channel

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