Are there any restrictions on health or disability?

Posted on: 23 June 2013

We are looking for people who are fit and agile enough to meet the needs of the child or children and welcome applications from disabled people.

You should tell us about any health issues early in the assessment process so that we can consult a medical professional and advise you appropriately. All adopters undergo a medical assessment.

We will not place children under five years old, or children with any health difficulties, with smokers. We prefer all our adopters to be non-smokers, and you are not considered a non-smoker until you have given up smoking for 12 months. The medical advisor is happy to give you advice on giving up smoking or you can see your GP for support.

Naturally, we would have concerns about life-threatening illnesses or serious chronic health problems that could affect your ability to care for a child.

Those who are seriously overweight should consider the impact of this on their own long-term health and any possible implications for child care.

With regard to weight, your BMI is checked during the medical. The medical advisor is looking for medical reasons that may indicate possible significant health issues in the future and impact on your ability to care for a child until they reach adulthood. They will want to know that you can offer a fit and active lifestyle to children, so if being seriously overweight, or underweight, is a risk you may want to think about discussing this with your GP or our medical advisor .

In terms of other health conditions there is no blanket bar on any condition unless it is significantly life-limiting. We look at each individual on a case by case basis and with your permission our medical advisor can discuss your particular health concern direct with your GP or Specialist to get full information to make a recommendation.