If I am approved to adopt, what information will I be given about the child?

Posted on: 23 June 2013

Initially you will be given a brief profile of the child, and later a more in depth report called a Child’s Permanence Report (CPR) which will outline in more detail the child’s history and personality

You will have an opportunity to discuss any medical issues with the Adoption Panel’s medical adviser.

If it is felt you will be a good link for a child you will have a home visit from the child’s social worker and Agency Family Finder to discuss in more depth, and be shown more photos and usually a DVD recording as well.

If all parties want to proceed you will normally be given the opportunity to meet with the current foster carer. All in all, you will have as much information as Devon Adoption do by the time you come to be formally matched with a child.

Additionally, once you are approved you can access the Approved Adopters’ Zone to access events, workshops, newsletters, useful contacts and much more.