Will I meet the child’s parents?

Posted on: 23 June 2013

During the course of introductions to your child, you may well be given the opportunity to meet with one or both of the birth parents, or on some occasions another member of the birth family

This is usually a one-off meeting, and fully supported a worthwhile experience for you as adopters. Firstly it usually alleviates any ‘fears’ about the birth family, often you will have read negative things about them, and this meeting helps put these things in perspective. 

It means you are able to explain to your child over the years that you met his/her birth parents, therefore giving them first-hand information they may not remember, and also that you accept that part of their life you weren’t there for. It also helps enormously with future letterbox contact which in the long term is beneficial for the child. 

It isn’t appropriate in every case, but we would strongly advise you and support you to engage with it, if it is.