What if my past isn’t straightforward?

Posted on: 20 June 2013

Your past is what will have shaped the person you are today. We consider adopters from all kinds of backgrounds.

We will talk about your family background with you so we can appreciate how you have dealt with any difficult experiences in the past and what you have taken from them. It is an area we will discuss at length with you during your assessment, and look with you about what you have taken from your early experiences and what your understanding is of them.

For many people, having difficult childhood experiences will have equipped them with empathy and understanding for the child they adopt, at a really fundamental level.  If you are still suffering from emotional trauma as a result of early childhood difficulties, you may want to consider having some counselling around these issues – as you will need to be emotionally robust to adopt. And living with children who are themselves traumatised can trigger emotional responses in their parents, if their own issues have not been addressed.