Training and e‑learning

Use the training and resources to learn about adoption and be inspired, while waiting to adopt a child.


First Steps is a free online resource through First4Adoption, designed by experts, to help you understand the rewards and challenges of adoptive parenting. Whether you want to browse or you’re looking for more in-depth information, First Steps is here to guide you through a wide range of subjects, that empower you to be a better prepared parent.
The audio transcripts are available here:


You will need to create your own accounts and complete the e-learning.


This video will give you a basic introduction to safeguarding children in Devon.  There is input from a number of professionals from different organisations about some issues around child safeguarding and what you should do if you have a concern.

At the time this e-learning was produced, it was aimed at a multi-agency staff group working in Group 1 in  Devon as defined by Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010.  Please ignore any references to multi-agency arrangements and assume the information is relevant to you as prospective adopters. The training is still valid.


This site is the home of information about safeguarding adults and safeguarding children in Devon.  It is a useful site to find out more about what is going on in this area locally and there are different sections for different groups within the County.


Filmed conversation with experts

These are conversations with experts along with background information on topics such as emotional development of children, attachment, brain development and links between all aspects of development and the use of observations, ‘pre-birth to three: positive outcomes for children and families’.

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  • The BAAF mobile and tablet app is a great starting place for anyone considering adoption. It has lots of useful information along with FAQs, videos of personal experiences and all our latest blog entries. The app is formatted for iPad, iPhone and Android users and is available to download free from the iTunes store and Android app store.

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How a child’s brain develops through early experiences (video)