What adopters and children say

Robert, Lisa and Timothy’s experience

Posted on: 21 June 2014

Siblings experience

Half-siblings Robert, Lisa and Timothy needed an adoptive home together. They all had different fathers, already had an older sister in long-term foster care and were all very attached to each other.

They were put in care following neglect, physical and emotional harm and a risk of sexual abuse.

Robert, a very intelligent but quiet, anxious boy was fiercely loyal and protective of his birth mother and very worried when he was around men. He was clearly holding on to many secrets about his birth family and would often whisper to adults rather than talk openly.

Lisa was quiet too, but demanding. She had no speech, made little eye contact with adults. She screamed uncontrollably for no apparent reason and was difficult to feed. She had global developmental delay and possibly some special learning needs, so could have been an easy target for bullies.

Timothy was a happy, very active, heavily-built child, steamrollering through anything and anyone. He ate and slept well and loved cuddles when he could sit still. He had some speech, and loved cuddles when he could sit still.

The children needed to remain together and be in a family where there were no other children under 16, where one parent would be home full-time.

Devon Adoption were able to support the adoptive family extensively and there was some financial support available for them. The adoption was successful.