Adoption Passport

Children adopted from care can have ongoing needs and you and your child may benefit from post-adoption support. Our adoption passport guides you through the services and support available to you.

We provide a range of support services for adopters and their children. Every adopter is entitled to advice about these services and to an assessment of their adoption support needs, but Devon Adoption does not have to provide support in response to an assessment. Access to these services depends on your circumstances but you can ask for an assessment at any time, no matter how long after the adoption.


If you have adopted a child in England you may also be entitled to:

All adopters are also entitled to:

  • a copy of your child’s permanence report
  • a summary of your child’s health from Devon Adoption’s medical adviser
  • a ‘life-story’ book to help your child understand their early life
  • to request an assessment of your child’s special educational needs.


Adoption Support Fund

The Adoption Support Fund was launched in May 2015 by the Government to make adoption support more accessible to you. Mainly, it pays for therapeutic services such as cognitive therapy, play and music therapy. The report is published for more information.

If you want advice on adoption support you can also contact one of the many adoption support organisations in England, such as Adoption UK or the CoramBAAF Adoption and Fostering.

Comments and complaints

If you are unhappy with the support provided by us, or with the time taken to carry out an assessment, you can complain under our complaints procedure. Thereafter if you are not satisfied you may be able to refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman. You will also soon be able to raise general concerns with the new Champion for adopters, foster carers and special guardians, see First4Adoption.



Download documentDownload the Adoption Passport: a support guide for adopters



Contact our Adoption Support Services Adviser (ASSA)

Devon Adoption’s Adoption Support Services Adviser is here to help you access adoption support and other specialist services, such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. This includes NHS commissioned health services to meet the needs of adopted children.

  • Contact Karen Collins on 0345 155 1076
  • or email
  • Write to: ASSA, Devon Adoption
    Devon County Council
    Room 255
    County Hall
    Topsham Road
    EX2 4QD

The role of the ASSA is to:

  •  give advice and information to people affected by adoption – a single point of contact to provide information, signpost appropriate services and to advise on how those services may be accessed;
  •  give advice, information and assistance to other staff in the local authority on adoption support services, assessments of need for support, the availability of services locally, good practice, and effective planning for service delivery, and supporting and facilitating intra- and inter-agency joint working where needed;
  •  consult with, and give advice, information and assistance to other local authorities, for example, liaising between authorities where a family is moving between areas to ensure a smooth transition in the provision of support, or where two local authorities are jointly seeking to provide a particular adoption support services.