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We #SupportAdoption – do you? National Adoption Week 2017

Posted on: 4 October 2017

We #Support Adoption because we are committed and passionate about improving the life chances for Devon’s children. It’s National Adoption Week 16-22 October 2017 and it’s time for you to #SupportAdoption

There is now clear evidence that decisions for adoption and placement orders are on the rise. With this in mind, National Adoption Week 2017 will remain recruitment focused and will focus on the need to find the right adopters for sibling groups.

And because the theme is siblings, we are asking brothers and sisters to share their photos #lovemybrother  and #lovemysister

The overall theme is embodied by the hashtag #SupportAdoption

Here’s how:

  1. Take your photo with the #SupportAdoption placard
  2. Post on social media using the #SupportAdoption hashtag, Monday 16 October marks the beginning of National Adoption Week this year
  3. Share with us @DevonCC and friends, family and celebrities if you can!
  4. Or just email us your photo to share

Mark Berry, County Adoption Manager and Kath Drescher, Senior Manager Adoption and Children in Care #SupportAdoption because they want Devon’s children to have the best opportunities and choices that they deserve

Our Devon Adoption Team #SupportAdoption by welcoming families from all varieties of backgrounds and life experiences

Devon County Council’s Leadership Group (LG15) #Support Adoption because they are committed and passionate about improving the life chances for Devon’s children

Jo Olsson, Chief Officer for Children’s Services, #SupportAdoption because it changes lives for the better

Mark Lines – Head of Children’s Services, and Kath Drescher – Senior Manager Adoption and Children in Care #SupportAdoption by ensuring everyone has a chance

Matthew and Alicia in the Independent Reviewing Unit #SupportAdoption because every child deserves a loving and supportive home

About National Adoption Week

As in previous years, the need to find families for some of our most vulnerable children remains at the heart of this year’s event.

And here at Devon Adoption and Adopt South West, we want to raise awareness because there are children waiting to be adopted in Devon and Somerset #SupportAdoption.